I just finished a doctoral thesis which uses some ideas drawn from humanistic psychotherapy and psychology as one of its theoretical lenses. In almost the same breath, I started preliminary training in counselling. 

Unconditional positive regard (basically, complete acceptance of another person, particularly between a client and a therapist or other helper) is a concept that’s come up again and again in both of these endeavours. I think it's far more interesting (and complicated!) than it's sometimes given credit for, so I wrote a zine about it. 

This is not meant to be an authoritative source; different people think different things about unconditional positive regard, and this is just me thinking through some of the ideas about it that I find most interesting. 

I think I wrote it with an audience who have some familiarity with psychology and therapy in mind, but hopefully it'll make sense even if you don't. 

Made with the Electric Zine Maker, which was fun.


If you'd like to read this on paper, download the PDF, print it on two sides of a piece of paper (A4 or US letter), and fold it like this



unconditional-positive-regard-A4.pdf 2 MB
unconditional-positive-regard-US-letter.pdf 2 MB